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The objects of Sheffield Jazz are  to promote, maintain, improve and advance education by encouraging and fostering understanding, knowledge, appreciation and development of music and the arts and in particular, jazz.

Our beneficiaries are anyone amongst the general public who has an interest in music. To ensure everyone can benefit regardless of income we offer concessionary rates for tickets and for attendance at workshops, and we publicise our concerts and workshops in the local newspaper and other places readily accessed by all members of the public, such as libraries and shops.  Some of our activities, such as informal playing sessions, are free to all, and we provide volunteering opportunities for people other than the Trustees to assist with the running and administration of our concerts.  There are no restrictions on beneficiaries as anyone is entitled to purchase  a ticket or to attend a workshop. 

The recipients of private benefits from our activities include the musicians who are paid to play concerts for us, and the rates they are paid are regularly reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for the audience.  We also pay the tutors for the workshops we run,  and make other  incidental payments in support of our activities for example the sound engineer at concerts. Trustees occasionally receive a private benefit for e.g. tutoring and educational activities, musician liaison, promotional work. However, the benefit to Sheffield Jazz of having their skills as a trustee greatly outweighs the private benefit  they receive for those activities.

Within the confines of our objects, with their primary focus on jazz, we seek to develop an audience encompassing all sections of society.


We provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds in Sheffield and the surrounding region  to hear some of the best and the newest jazz and jazz related music available.  To achieve our aims we  put on up to 30 concerts a year. The benefits are that  the public can  hear live in Sheffield a wide variety of regional, national and international musicians. These include some of the best known names in jazz and related music as well as providing opportunities for new and up- coming musicians to become established and known and to advance their careers. 

We also run regular music workshops and sessions which have attracted people from across Sheffield and other parts of Yorkshire, and from  as far away as Lincoln, and provide an opportunity for amateur musicians, music students, and up and coming professionals  to learn  and improve their playing.

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