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  • Environment
  • Poverty relief

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Geographical remit: 


  1. To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, in particular (but without limitation) (i) by carrying out removal of litter and plastic waste from water bodies (ii) by reducing the entering of litter, plastic and micro-plastic waste into water bodies and (iii) by undertaking innovative research and technology advanced approaches to mitigate the effects of plastic pollution; and


  1. To prevent and/or relieve poverty or financial hardship, sickness or distress among individuals from socially and/or economically disadvantaged communities by providing or assisting in the provision of food, grants, education, training, healthcare, emergency aid and any other necessary support with a view to empowering beneficiaries to generate a sustainable income, be self-sufficient and/or to integrate in society.


ServePlanet carries out its purposes through various projects that it undertakes which are more detailed on

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