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Sen Talk

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  • Mental health
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Sen Talk is a small local charitable organisation that helps support families raising children with high function Autism Spectrum Conditions and Attention Deficit Conditions in London. The charity works hard to provide children attending mainstream settings with essential pastoral care and accessible support services and therapies aimed around the entire family.


Sen Talk provides parents and carers with networking and training opportunities at our main Sen hub, by running monthly coffee meetings and themed workshops around overcoming difficulties in relation to raising children with additional needs. As well as supporting parents and carers, we also offer a range of drop-in sessions and courses for children with ASD and ADHD, these sessions allow children to access therapies that would not usually be accessible due to large waiting lists, or lack of resources in their mainstream settings. In January 2017, we are launching a new drop- session for children and families around Sensory Integration Therapy and a Lego Social Skill's group, to promote social development, positive relationships and self awareness in children with Autism and ADHD.

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