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  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Emergency Services / Armed Forces
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SecurityWomen is an advocacy and research organisation which seeks women's greater participation in all aspects of the security sector - policing, defence forces, UN peacekeeping and cyber security - on a global basis in what is a very male dominated environment. The premise is that better security for all is achieved when the make up of security personal reflects the composition of society. A greater gender balance may also help to deter violence and escalation of conflict. There is evidence that supports the need for more women to be involved in peace keeping - where women have been involved in making peace agreements the agreements last longer. 


SecurityWomen operates on an educational basis and aims to provide information relating to, and promote awareness of, gender equality in the security sector to the public and private sectors, government and the wider community. This we do through gathering of information from around the world, publicising through our website  and social media, and other media events and platforms. We aim to highlight the importance of women’s rights within this sector which has extreme occupational segregation of women and men. SecurityWomen also carries out evidence-based research into, and monitors, the state of gender equality in security sector organisations, both state sponsored and in private security.

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