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Sculpt is a UK-based charity providing research, training and work-experience opportunities that empower young people to shape their own futures and those of their communities.


We work directly with young people, employers and professionals who support young people. All our work is guided by young people themselves and based on carefully researched evidence. We:

  • Facilitate forums for young people to make their needs and their voices heard.
  • Publish a magazine by young people to express their perspectives and encourage debate around public policy issues.
  • Conduct research to uncover young people’s real needs and what works to empower and support them.
  • Deliver training to build young people’s confidence, skills, ambition, resilience and sense of responsibility, so they can shape their futures and change their communities for the better, as leaders, social entrepreneurs and active participants in civic life.
  • Deliver training for professionals who work with young people, drawing on our research and expertise.
  • Engage with employers to facilitate work experience and employment opportunities for young people to develop skills and access diverse jobs.
  • Facilitate international exchange opportunities to encourage and enable young people to experience and appreciate other cultures, perspectives and ways of life.



Our work is guided by research and by young people themselves. As an organisation we base our work on rigorously researched evidence and are led in our approach by two independent advisory boards. One is made up of young people and the other of young women. Their voices and insight are critical to solving the right problems in meaningful ways.

We tackle disempowerment from three angles: working directly with young people to build confidence and skills and their voice, working with professionals who support young people, and working with employers to break down barriers to opportunity.

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