Scottish Church Heritage Research

Scottish Church Heritage Research

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Scottish Church Heritage Research ( SCHR) was set up to record places of worship in Scotland, past and present, at a time when many churches and other places of worship were being closed for many reasons. We believe that a record of these buildings should be available in future, when people become interested again.

We are concerned that the loss of all these buildings, in particular the contents will be a loss to future generations, who wish to learn about the history of their community or family.

This is an educational project, for use in schools or by students as well as the general public.



  • We train volunteers to understand why places of worship were built in particular locations. – environment
  • We train them to look at the buildings, to recognises materials, form, design, detail of the exterior.
  • We train them to look at the interior layout, materials, decoration, detail and more.
  • They learn to take photographs (digital) of all these aspects. They write a caption for each image and then they write a narrative for the building. There are forms to facilitate this.
  • We give talks to local and other groups.
  • We organise ‘walk and talk’ outings , so they visit new places of worship. We also rune these for the general public, to encourage interest in their environment.
  • The main focus of the data we gather is the website, which is freely available. Please note that only a small area of Scotland has been recorded and so the website has placers for each building that has yet to be visited and recorded.


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