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The School Club Zambia UK

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The School Club Zambia is a UK and Zambian charity that exists to upskill and innovate the education system in rural Zambian schools. We provide vulnerable schools with the financial and technical support that they need to implement the Zambian curriculum effectively, in an environmentally and financially sustainable way. 

Over half of the 16 million people living in Zambia are under the age of 15, making it one of the fastest growing and youngest countries in the world. Yet whilst only 66% of the population is literate according to UNESCO and 1 out of 2 Zambians are under or unemployed, what livelihood options will be available to this next generation? We believe that schools need innovative financial and technical strategies to provide the qualitative, relevant education that this next generation so desperately needs.

Our model is working which is evident in the fact that over £15,000 has been independently generated by our school-run businesses since 2012 and all of our long-term partner schools are now top in the league for the district. We are extremely proud that whilst in 2012 not a single girl from Kariba South School passed their grade 7 examination in 2018 not a single girl failed, showing the progress that can be made on a wider-scale. Yet we need the support of dedicated people like you to reach more children living in extremely challenging circumstances. Can you help?


Since 2012 we have worked in partnership with schools, communities and local Education Authorities to improve the quality of education in vulnerable Zambian schools. Our programmes include income-generation; entrepreneurship and vocational training projects; literacy development and Early Childhood Education programmes as well as specific projects designed to tackle the barriers faced by girls in completing their education. We implement a child rights-based approach (with particular attention on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) ensuring we are directly impacting the lives of the vulnerable children at our partner schools.

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