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The Scar Free Foundation is an ambitious medical research charity. For 25 years, we’ve been funding a pioneering programme of medical research in the UK to make a world without scars a reality. We’re the only charity focused on achieving scar free healing within a generation and transforming the lives of million of people worldwide.

Scars are common, costly, and can change your life forever. Surgery for cancer or birth conditions, injuries from war and terror attacks, and accidents like burns or trauma – all cause scarring. Over 20 million people in the UK live with a scar and the NHS spends £8.3 billion every year on treating patients with scarring and hard-to-heal wounds. Scars can cause enormous pain and impact how you look, move and feel. Inside our bodies, scarring in vital organs like the lungs and heart can be deadly.

But scar free healing is possible. We work with the brightest scientists and clinicians to find new treatments that can slow, stop, and even reverse scarring. 


We fund medical research into wound healing and scarring conditions. We have three main questions we want to answer:


The more we know about what causes a scar, the more we can intervene to stop a scar from forming. Despite decades of research, there's still a lot we don’t truly understand about the healing process. For example, we know that some people scar more than others – but why? To make our vision of a world without scars a reality, we need more information on the genes involved in healing, and we need to learn more about the factors that control the speed and efficiency of the healing process.


Until we know enough about the way scars form, we need to do our best to stop wounds from becoming significant scars. We fund research into the best treatments to ensure wounds heal with minimal or no scarring.

The easiest way to prevent a scar is to prevent someone from being wounded in the first place. To this end, we share information around preventing common scarring accidents, like scalds. We also fund research to find the most effective treatments of wounds once they have occurred.


Scars are more than skin-deep – they can have a huge impact on how we move, how we look, and how we feel. Until scar free healing is a reality, people who live with significant scars need better therapies to mitigate against these impacts. Keeping people with scars at the heart of our research means our funding always goes where it will have the biggest impact. We consult with people living with scarring on what matters most to them.

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