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Save The World Club

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  • Arts
  • Environment
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants

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We support all people including the vulnerable, refugees and those suffering from food poverty through our 3 main pillars:

Food surplus collections from supermarkets to support people suffering from the cost of living. 

Reuse, Repair, Upcycle and Recycling of secondhand goods, promoting a circular economy model, to try and both reduce cost to buy things people need and the impact those goods have on the environment (buying secondhand to reduce manufacturing). 

Involving local community in artwork through mosaics as a way to engage them in conversation about the environment and where they live.

We play a major role in supporting people out of hardship in, collaboration with other organisations, to provide low cost, quality goods and food support, reducing social isolation through community cafes, and enabling people to better care for their local environment together as a community.


We collect food surplus from supermarkets to support people and local organisations to reduce their living/running costs. This involves night time collections at supermarkets, typically with a personal vehicle, working as a team to support vulnerable people and other charitable organisations/groups.

We promote a circular economy model: reuse, repair, upcycle, then recycle as the last option to reduce the impact of goods and enable a more sustainable way to buy goods needed. This involves sorting and identifying goods we can re-use easily and in future those that can be more easily repaired.

Lastly, we work with local artists and involve the local community in making artwork, usually mosaics, as a way to engage them in conversation about the environment and where they live.

Current opportunities

London (South), KT3 3PE

Manage volunteers at a cafe for social recovery, where everyone is welcome, and everythingis free. Connecting people, it is kind, inclusive,...