The Rugby Fives Association

The Rugby Fives Association

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We support, maintain and grow the playing of Rugby and Winchester Fives through our membership, affiliate clubs and links with schools and universities playing these sports. We provide continuity and connectivity between players to help them play after leaving school, and we provide a sense of community through organised regional and national competitions and affiliate clubs. As an entirely amateur sport we foster a traditional ethos of sportsmanship and personal responsibility. 


We are the National Governing Body for the sport, which is recognized by Sport England. We run National and Regional competitions for schools and playing adults of all ages from under 13s to over 75s in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, as well as club level matches. We are the experts in the design, materials and construction of Fives courts. We believe that the sport, which is non-contact, not associated with major sports injuries, simple and cheap to play and understand, could prove ideal for inner city schools with limited space, and we are looking for ways to make this a reality.

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