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The RSPB speaks out for birds and wildlife, tackling the problems that threaten our environment.
We are the largest wildlife conservation organisation in Europe with over one million members. Wildlife and the environment face many threats. Our work is focussed on the species and habitats that are in the greatest danger.
Our work is driven by the passionate belief that:
•  birds and wildlife enrich people's lives
•  the health of bird populations is indicative of the health of the planet, on which the future of the human race depends
•  we all have a responsibility to protect wildlife
We have more than one million members, over 18,000 volunteers, 1,300 staff, more than 200 nature reserves, nine regional offices, a UK headquarters, three national offices... and one vision - to work for a better environment rich in birds and wildlife.


•  We champion birds and the environment to decision makers.
•  We protect, restore and manage habitats for birds and other wildlife.
•  We research the problems facing birds and the environment, looking for practical solutions that we can implement on the ground, and promote to others.
•  We carry out 'hands-on' recovery projects for our most threatened species.
•  We own and manage 200 nature reserves, where wildlife can thrive and people can be inspired.
•  We share our knowledge and enthusiasm, to help young and old enjoy the natural world.
•  We champion the cause of biodiversity conservation within the wider debate on sustainable development.
•  We are active across the UK at national, regional and local levels - our work is relevant to your environment.
•  We tackle international conservation issues through the Birdlife International Partnership - a global coalition of like-minded conservation organisations.
•  We work with decision makers on behalf of birds and the environment.
•  We tackle wildlife crime and habitat loss.
•  We work with landowners and farmers to help countryside birds.

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