Royal Society for Blind Children

Royal Society for Blind Children

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  • Physical disabilities

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National - England


No child in the UK should grow up to be poor or lonely just because they are blind

  • 90% of those who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than six months in their lives

  • Most will never have someone to share their life with

The Royal Society for Blind Children believe in a better life for blind children.

We are on a mission to make sure every single blind child has the self-belief and skills to fulfil the potential we know they’ve got.


Make no mistake – helping blind children to believe they can achieve will take time and money. But we’ll do it from the ground up, working with our wonderful donors and volunteers to deliver the five things we believe will transform the life chances of every blind child in England and Wales.

How are we going to do it?

  1. Helping parents first - through our Family Support Service

  2. Excellent and inclusive education - Dorton College

  3. Build friendships and character - Health and Wellbeing Clubs, Social Groups, Creative programme...

  4. Getting young people job ready - Our Employability programme for 18 - 25 year olds

  5. Harnessing technology

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