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ROLDA is a Romanian animal welfare charity. We operate in Romania to efficiently, humanely and responsibly reduce the homeless animal population, estimated to be 2.5 million. Our six keys focuses are: rescue, rehabilitation, sheltering, sterilisation, social programmes and education. We have a strict no-kill policy.

ROLDA UK works to help ROLDA Romania to achieve these goals, by attracting donations and rehoming rescued stray dogs where possible.

ROLDA has registered charities in  - 

  • UK
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Romania


ROLDA has two active shelters in Galati, Romania and we are slowly building more infrastructure to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome homeless dogs. ROLDA Romania has been a registered charity since 2006 and ROLDA UK has been a registered charity since 2015. We also run sterilisation programmes 2-3 times yearly and support the poorer families in the local community to make sensible and humane decisions about their pets. We have built Romania's first free veterinary clinic to help us to more effectively rehabilitate stray dogs and provide medical care for pets in poorer communities. It is commonplace in Romania to abandon a dog when the medical and food bills become unmanageable. We also run educational programmes in local schools to help prevent the number of abandoned dogs.  

To support the efforts in Romania, ROLDA UK is building up our presence in the UK to enable us to attract much needed donations and support from the British public. 

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