Rock Ferry Waterfront Trust

Rock Ferry Waterfront Trust

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Rock Ferry Waterfront Trust was setup in 2019 with the objective to “promote, enhance and support the regeneration of the historic Rock Ferry waterfront”.


To undertake regeneration works along the Rock Ferry waterfront.

  1. Already in hand is the landscaping of the frontage to the Esplanade and the installation of sheeting to enable visitors to visit, appreciate the heritage, and admire the view across the Mersey to the historic Liverpool waterfront.
  2. The next project is to undertake the repair and upgrade of the grade II listed slipway which in 2020 celebrated the bi-centenary of its construction in 1820
  3. A subsequent major project will be to replace the surrounding redundant industrial landscape with a car park, marina and yacht club to mark the end of the Mersey Coastal Park river front linear walk from Eastham Country Park to the Rock Ferry Waterfront.

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