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ROAM is a Birmingham-based charity, our mission is to facilitate children’s free play in nature with minimal supervision, to support others to do so and to campaign for every child’s right to independent play.

We believe that there are huge benefits to children experiencing this type of play, that has largely disappeared in the UK in the space of a generation. It brings significant benefits to children’s physical and mental health and in their personal development, equipping them with a broad range of skills for life.


ROAM facilitates a range of sessions to meet the needs of different children.  ROAM Free sessions are the original core sessions that were developed directly in response to our desire for under 12s to experience the type of freedom we had as children; self-directed play in nature in groups.  We recognised that not all children are ready for this level of independence, however, so Rocking Roamers was born to provide more structure and supervision, whilst providing an opportunity for skills to be mastered and experience to prepare them for roaming free.

ROAM IN provides access to self-directed free play in nature for children with additional needs and their siblings, for whom ROAM Free may be considered too risky or inaccessible due to their play preferences. Sessions take place in secure, private grounds.

ROAM has also been commissioned by a local school to facilitate independent outdoor play sessions for pupils that are struggling in a classroom environment.  The school selected children who needed help in developing resilience, social skills, and would benefit from a stronger connection with nature.

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