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Ripple Effect is a dynamic and passionate international development charity on a mission to create a powerful and lasting impact. Our vision is to see a rural Africa that is confident, thriving, and sustainable, with a growing economy and higher living standards for all for generations to come.


Our work fights poverty and builds sustainable livelihoods in eastern Africa. Our proven approach brings smallholder farmers together to learn new skills and share knowledge. Families grow enough food to feed their families, develop diverse, future-proof sources of income and plan for prosperous futures. Our three areas of expertise:

1. Sustainable agriculture
We train in sustainable, agroecological principles and processes that have a climate-positive impact, making land productive and biodiverse, and building food security. We have specialist experience in farm systems and integrated animal management.

2. Gender and social inclusion
We actively recruit marginalised and excluded people in communities to be involved in our projects. Our relationship work at both household and community level embeds transformational changes in workloads, decision-making and respect, enabling family members to work together more harmoniously and productively.

3. Enterprise
Once farmers are food secure we encourage them to see their farm as businesses, which can generate income and create stable futures. They diversify or specialise their micro-businesses according to local markets, and we support with the development of value-added products, access to new and wider markets, and co-operatives for joint marketing. We’re addressing the challenges of high youth unemployment in our region, with programmes developing work opportunities specifically for them. We aim to enrol at least 20% young people in our projects.

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