Rewriting Extinction

Rewriting Extinction

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We unite all sectors of society, from the disengaged to the deniers, to care about protecting nature, preserving species and preventing environmental destruction and the climate crisis.

Rewriting Extinction exists to reach the 93% of people not engaged, and through powerful storytelling change their perception. Once we help them care, we galvanise them into positive action. Our primary focus is on reaching those people who are less informed, engaged and/or indifferent to what is happening to the planet, and therefore less committed to taking personal action.


We specialise in collaborations – with NGOs, foundations, influencers, celebrities, notables, creatives, content specialists, experts, campaigners, and people with lived experience of the planetary crisis. We seek to cut through and reach relevant audiences on the most critical issues, and through that, accelerate positive environmental action through increasing mass public consensus and momentum.  

Our stories are engaging and heartfelt, designed to grab the attention of time or attention poor people. We create stories that focus on the emotive reasons they should join the fight for this planet. This can be comedy, heart-breaking facts or drama - we change our methods to suit the issue in hand, and the audience we need to reach. We partner with our allies in the sector to identify simple and tangible actions people can take to affect positive change: join a campaign, give to a cause, spread the word, make a personal pledge or take local action.

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