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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities

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National - England


Revolution C based in London looking for trustees.Revolution are a charity who support disabled children and adult for a better quality such as education, social care and entertainment.

There are concerns that disabled people in the UK will suffer and struggle in the future when benefits are cut, services no longer available and so on.

We plan to provide services for disabled adults for helping with filling in forms for benefits and applying for mobility car, get better equipments from private companies and councils, to work with companies who are willing to offer work placement for disabled people, offer day out trips two a year, etc. Something that the councils may not be able offer in the future.

We also plans to do fundraising charity event two or three times a year to raise donations to provide services and to admin staff to keep the charity running.

With your support, we can make this organisation grow and put a smile on all disabled people young and old now and in the future.

Please note: We can confirm that we are officially registered with Charity Commission (Charity registration number: 1194713)


Support and Training

We will provide support and advice to the parents and carers who may require information about the care of the disabled such as filling the forms, request for equipments from the council and have opinions or ideas of supporting the disabled to have a better life. We also offer training to parents and carers who are unable to care for the disabled and offer training to volunteers to help and care for the disabled and parents.

Educational Activities and Events:

We aim to provide a wide range of activities and events that will help broaden the horizons of our service users, by facilitating activities and events that will maximise their personal development, life skills and help to break their isolation. The skills that our service users gain from participating in our charity will also include the skills they may not receive from school, college, or from home. We will provide both the skills that would interest them, as well as support their needs.

Social Activities & Events

We aim to provide a wide range of social activities and events that will engage, challenging and also be fun, ensuring full participation from service users, giving them an opportunity to experience new things that they may never have been given the opportunity to try or do, while helping to build positive relationships and help break isolations, We will be providing a wide range of activities and events, based on both the needs and interests of service users, which could include, day trips, visiting the zoo, beach or exhibitions and go to different part of UK, art based activities, drama and music and other structured activities based around personal development and life skills. We will recruit, train and develop volunteers to support us in our activities and events with people with disabilities, including travelling and we hope to raise funding to have our own minibus.

Inovation & Technology

Campaign to improve technolgy. There is both an innovation and creative advantage for tech companies investing in researching technology to help the disabled improve their lives. The future Of technology must empower, not isolate, disabled people.


Current opportunities

London (Central), HA3 9BS

We are looking to appoint a Charity Secretary as a key role in the strategy of the organisation and to support the Trustee Board.

Looking for someone to create and design a brochure for the charity events for the next three years

London (Central), HA3 9BS

Revolution Charity are seeking a highly motivated volunteer (or volunteers) to support our charity by looking for investment or grants in...

London (Central), HA3 9BS or Remote

Grant Writer plays a critical role in managing Revolution Charity’s significant foundation & government grants portfolio, prospecting new...