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Resource Futures

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  • Climate action
  • Environment
  • International development

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We are waste and resources experts, working with business, governments, local authorities and communities to minimise the impact of production and consumption through reduction, reuse, recycling and circular business models.  Working across the value chain, our expert team takes the time to help clients understand, benchmark, measure and find solutions to their sustainability challenges. We gather the evidence, analyse the data, and inform the policy to mitigate the impacts of production and consumption to help clients cut costs, reduce risk and create value.

Our services include:

  • Designing, running and assisting with behaviour change campaigns.
  • Community Action Groups- We support sustainability community groups in Devon and Somerset to help them thrive.
  • International policy research.
  • UK policy research.
  • Waste composition analyses.
  • Modelling and service advice for local authority waste teams.
  • Carbon modelling.
  • Circular Economy Business Support

How we live and work together can have a huge impact on mitigating the risk of, and building resilience to, climate change. Together, we are creating change by helping people and organisations make good decisions – good for people, good for the environment, and good for business.


Our services help to mitigate the risk of, and build resilience to, climate change through the following: 

  • Enabling environmental education in schools and grassroots community action.
  • Helping clients impact behaviour and encourage wider adoption of sustainable practices.
  • Promoting action to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities around the globe.
  • Empowering local authorities to effectively navigate waste and recycling policy.
  • Implementing action plans that reduce material and product use.
  • Shaping public policy and supporting stakeholders to participate.
  • Providing governments with robust data to inform better policy and practice.

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