The REME Charity

The REME Charity

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  • Emergency Services / Armed Forces
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • Museums / heritage
  • Older people / later life

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National - Britain


The REME Charity is for the benefit of REME soldiers, past and present, and their families. 

 The Charity has three key objectives which it must meet:

  1. To promote the efficiency of REME and to foster its esprit de corps.
  2. To relieve either generally or individual necessitous persons being members or former members of REME or their dependants (Beneficiaries).
  3. To support charitable purposes for the benefit of Beneficiaries.


 In simple terms the charity supports the following:

  • It provides grants to past and present members of the Corps who are in need.
  • It provides direct support through grants to Corps and unit activities
  • It funds the REME Sports Association and REME Adventurous Training.
  • It also provides some support for the REME Museum (registered charity 272740), the REME Band and the Corps Sergeants’ Mess amongst other things

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