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Our mission is to equip young refugees to build positive futures by thriving in education.

In conflict, schools are destroyed, occupied by armed groups and used to shelter displaced people. Where learning continues, students and teachers can be targets of violence. For many, continuing to learn is just not possible.

When children and families are forced to flee their homes, they miss out on more education as they make dangerous journeys trying to find a place of safety.

For refugees arriving in Europe, education is a priority: it’s how lives begin to be rebuilt and hope for the future is rekindled. But getting back into and progressing in education is fraught with challenge.


We want things to be different and we aim to achieve this through three ways.


Education access

Barriers to entry are real: we want all refugee children and young people to be able to access the level of education that's right for them – from primary school through to university.

Education outcomes

Getting through the door is just the first step: we want all refugee children and young people to thrive in education, reach their academic potential and experience better social, emotional and mental health.

Education impact

The long term picture matters: we want all refugee and asylum-seeking young people to have opportunities to use their education to create meaningful futures, through leadership and pathways to employment.


We achieve this through a few different ways.

1) Educational mentoring: Our blend of ESOL/academic tutoring and wellbeing support improves education and wellbeing outcomes for young refugees and asylum seekers.

2) Educational progression: We enable young refugees and asylum seekers to plan and navigate viable pathways through further (FE) and higher (HE) education.

3) Educational wellbeing: We tackle the foundational barriers that prevent young refugees and asylum seekers from accessing and thriving in education.

4) Educational impact: Education isn't just an end in itself. We want young refugees to be able to use their education to create a brighter, hope-filled future.

5) Research and advocacy: Our Research and Advocacy programme contributes to change by carrying out high quality, rigorous, ethical, bold and brave research into refugee education in the UK and internationally. We conduct research in partnership with young people and use the findings to bring about change in our own programmes and to positively influence refugee education policy and practice in the UK and around the world.

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