Red Lion Group

Red Lion Group

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National - Britain


The Red Lion Group is a UK pouch support charity for people who have, or are considering having, an ileo-anal pouch.  We organise an Information Day each year with talks and workshop time to consider issues pertinent to people with a pouch.

We publish two newsletters each year and we provide a website forum for the dissemination of tips and advice for pouchees on topics such as diet, medication, common health issues, coping with a pouch.  We receive excellent feedback on the Information Day and on the newsletters and actively reach out to pouchees in geographical areas where they do not receive the same level of support as enjoyed at the main UK centres.  


See above.  We have a team of 9 trustees who meet face to face twice a year and more regularly by telecom.  We pursue the objects, as defined in the Constitution.  

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