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Recycle Rebuild

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Recycle Rebuild is a UK based SCIO registered charity that empowers communities to recycle waste into affordable high-quality materials and products by providing the correct tools and knowledge, whilst providing a source of income for those affected by the growing plastic problem. 


Recycle Rebuild creates jobs, helps the environment, empowers communities and helps produce locally made products. We do this by identifying products that are in high demand and training the affected communities to make them, using up to 100% recycled waste products. These products can then be sold at an affordable price and the profits reinvested into the community or partnering organisation, creating a self-sustaining business that can grow to meet the wider demands of the region for the long term.

To do this we have developed a “Community Recycling Startup Kit” designed to contain all the items necessary for starting a small scale recycling business anywhere in the world. After providing in-country training, the community will have the perfect set of tools to start creating products made from plastic.

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