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Re~Cycle is a UK charity that sends unwanted bicycles from the UK to Africa. Local partner organisations refurbish, re-sell and help to maintain these bicycles so they have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of those in the communities they support. Millions of bicycles are thrown away or left to rust in the UK while millions of people in Africa are forced by lack of transport to walk up to 4 hours per day, to school, work or fetching water. Bikes can change people's lives. Recently we reached a milestone of sending 80,000 bicycles to Africa, and are experiencing a phase of exciting growth, which brings both challenges and opportunities.


Re~Cycle sends unwanted bicycles from the UK to Africa, reducing waste and keeping them out of landfill. We work with local partner organisations that refurbish, re-sell and help to maintain these bicycles, and provide them with maintenance tools, skills and training. As well as benefitting end users who use bikes for school, for carrying and many other tasks, trained bike mechanics can earn income servicing them and keeping them on the road. Bikes get a reputation for longevity and bike maintenance becomes an inspirational vocation. We work with UK partners such as Halfords, and African partners such as BEN South Africa, Village Bicycle Project in Ghana, and Glad's House in Kenya.

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