Reconnect Health Development Initiative

Reconnect Health Development Initiative

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  • Counselling / advice
  • Mental health
  • Substance misuse

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Reconnect Health Development Initiative (Reconnect HDI) is a mental health charity registered in the United Kingdom (Charities Commission Number (1160808) and Nigeria (CAC/IT/NO 62119) to provide support to people, communities and organisations are affected by and interested in mental health and substance abuse issues. 

The charity plans to have a presence in most developing countries with the purpose of running programs  in areas of mental health and addiction. We also look to implemt some programs locally in the United Kingdom.

ReconnectHDI In NIgeria is primarily funded at the moment by Synapse services. Synapse service is a private mental health facilty in NIgeria.

Stress , poverty, corruption  in many developing countries continues to play a big role in why mentally ill people do not have access to good care. Human beings are still being beaten to get rid of evil spirits believed to be responsible for mental illness. Communities are being dessimated  by terror groups and it's victims are rapped, dehumanised and psychologically battered (as seen in Boko Harram insurgency in Nigeria). Limited funds are available to help these people. Medications that cost £2.00 a month can make a difference but  are not available. ReconnectHDI is making a differnece but needs support to do more. 


Reconnect Health Development Initiative has a mission to create awareness and advance policy on mental health. We also seek to promote its tolerance & understanding. We aim to work with relevant stakeholders to eradicate stigma, tackle drug abuse problems, and support enhanced access to curative and preventive services. We aim to provide support and advocacy services for relevant groups.


  1. To provide and promote increased access to mental health and addiction services.
  2. To adopt culturally appropriate methods for assessing how the challenges associated with psychological illnesses are perceived and conceptualized internationally .
  3. To support and provide drug abuse awareness programs.
  4. To work with established government and private sector organisatons to support better mental wellbeing in the workplace (in accordance with WHO theme for 2017).
  5. To work with opinion leaders to ensure that mental health and addiction matters remain in the National agenda in United Kingdom  and  developing countries.
  6. To work with traditional rulers in local communities abroad who are custodians of thier culture to change the help seeking behavior and understanding of mental health and addiction in their communities.
  7. To support and encourage youth programs that promote optimal mental health.
  8. To advocate  for and influence policies on mental health and addiction.
  9. To engage the political elite and ensure that mental health and substance misuse problems occupies a mainstream agenda within the political parties
  10. To establish working relationship with international and local health organizations for promoting positive mental health.



  1. Openness

            To reach out to as many people as we can


     2.    Responsiveness

            We listen, we act


       3.   Transparency and Honesty

              Honesty is our virtue


         4.   Accountability

               We give account of our stewardship


         5.    Equality and justice

                 We respond to individuals or groups fairly


        6.  Confidentiality

              We respect the privacy of our beneficiaries




ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU (APLY): ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU (APLY) is a primary prevention program that targets youth through their educational institutions, families and communities by means of a sustainable approach that provides quality substance abuse prevention services, harm reduction education and a strong support system to enable them become advocates of the anti-drug campaign. The key purpose of this project is to empower youth to be adequately informed on the physical, social and psychological aspects of health that are associated with drug use so as to adopt healthy behaviors, identify associated risk factors, develop prevention techniques and promote improved treatment outcomes in users and addicts.

APLY has provided training to teachers from 8 secondary schools, and is currently being implemented in 5 Secondary schools.


NATIONAL HELPLINE: A helpline that provides first line of support and counselling to primary and secondary victims of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Beneficiaries are able to seek advice, gain information and support and/or be referred to appropriate services. A helpline has already been set up in Nigeria and its the Norhern Governors Wives forum has agreed to fund and expand its services in Nigeria.  We plan to set up  Reconnect helpline in the UK.


Reconnect CLUB 14:    A support group that provides an emotionally safe and supportive environment for recovering addicts to share experiences, discuss challenges and get support. It also provides a means through which other substance users can be directed to a means of treatment and rehabilitation.


RECONNECT SUPPORT SERVICES:    A support group that provides a platform for families affected by addiction to gain encouragement and coping skills that can enhance recovery of their affected loved one or family.


PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT FOR INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE (IDPs): This program provides mental health psychosocial services to the victims of insurgency who have been displaced from their homes. Intervention models include Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology and rehabilitation services.

This intervention has been provided in the following areas in Nigeria affected by BOKO  HARRAM INSURGENCY

  • Bakassi IDP Camp, Borno State
  • Durunmi IDP Camp, Abuja
  • New Kuchinguro IDP Camp, Abuja
  • Wassa IDP Camp, Abuja


OUTREACHES: Prevention interventions are key to addressing the menace of drugs, and promoting overall better mental health. As such, Reconnect HDI has been involved in an array of outreach programs in the forms of advocacy, sensitization and awareness. We have carried out outreach activities in over 30 communities across 5 states that include Borno, Niger, Lagos, Nassarawa and FCT states  in Nigeria.

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