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Reading is a basic requirement of everyday life, and for many of us it is a skill we take for granted. Yet there are 2.4 million adults in England alone who can barely read or cannot read at all (Skills for Life Survey, 2011, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – latest government figures). In turn, people who struggle with reading may also struggle with writing and have quite limited spoken vocabulary. 

There are lots of reasons that someone may need support to improve their reading skills including: 

  • A learning difference such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD
  • Their need for extra support not being recognised or fulfilled at school 
  • Relearning after a brain injury 

Being unable to read impacts daily life in so many ways. In some areas of the UK, up to 10% of working age adults would struggle to or not be able to: 

  • Write a short note to their family 
  • Fill in a form – for a job, a service or support 
  • Understand important communications such as letters, emails and household bills  
  • Access essential information on topics like food allergens, healthcare and safety  
  • Read a story to their children 
  • Complete simple tasks like using a cash point, doing the food shopping or reading travel information 

Adults who contact us for support can feel ashamed that they can’t read. They have often kept their literacy struggles hidden and manage using coping strategies. In our experience, the biggest barrier to coming forward for help is fear of other people knowing about their difficulties. This means that most will avoid attending an adult education class, even if such classes are available. 


We provide a volunteer-led reading coaching programme for adults. 

The support we provide is: 

  • Free – our Reading Coaches and Management Teams volunteer their time, and resources and training are funded by kind donations  
  • Confidential – only a few people in each group know the identity of our Readers, and all coaching takes place in a private space within a public place so that people feel encouraged to come forward and ask for help  
  • One-to-one – many Readers have had a poor experience in a school classroom or group setting, so our personal approach allows Readers to develop a supportive and trusting bond with their dedicated Coach.

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