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Read Easy’s vision is for all adults in the UK to have the literacy skills they need to realise their potential and live life to the full.

In Read Easy we aim to:

  • recognise the dignity, present abilities and potential of those who can’t yet read, and seek to release that potential;
  • put the Reader first in everything we do;
  • make involvement in Read Easy enjoyable and rewarding for all;
  • ensure that no one feels obliged to volunteer or to do more than they want to do;
  • create a mutually-supportive sense of community – nationally and locally – which appreciates and promotes diversity and where everyone is known and everyone matters;
  • provide, expect and maintain high standards of professionalism at all levels as a volunteer organisation;
  • provide flexibility at local level, while expecting each affiliated group to be responsible for maintaining the Read Easy model;
  • listen openly to constructive feedback and try to respond constructively;
  • take a responsible attitude to the use of resources and limit our impact on the environment;
  • recognise and appreciate everyone’s contributions and celebrate achievement.


The support we provide is: 

  • Free – our Reading Coaches and Management Teams volunteer their time, and resources and training are funded by kind donations  
  • Confidential – only a few people in each group know the identity of our Readers, and all coaching takes place in a private space within a public place so that people feel encouraged to come forward and ask for help  
  • One-to-one – many Readers have had a poor experience in a school classroom or group setting, so our personal approach allows Readers to develop a supportive and trusting bond with their dedicated Coach.
  • A Reader and their Coach meet for half an hour at a time, twice a week, in one of a range of approved local reading venues which provide space free of charge. They work in spaces where they are not overlooked, but where there will always be other people around for safeguarding purposes. Some groups also provide coaching online or over the phone.  

    Coaching is provided through a highly effective, phonics-based reading programme called Turning Pages, published by the charity Shannon Trust. An adult reading journey usually takes two years as a minimum. On completion, learners will have acquired the skills they need to move on to further reading and learning. The programme takes people systematically through the learning process step by step, at their own pace and steadily builds their confidence.   

    The Turning Pages programme also includes 45 graded reading books, written especially for adults, so that from an early stage people can begin to read for meaning and pleasure. Our Coaches will often tailor sessions and tasks to Readers personal interests, making what they learn both useful and engaging to them. 

    As people discover that they can read, their self-esteem grows, and they experience a real sense of excitement about the many opportunities that are now open to them for the first time. 

Current opportunities

This is a voluntary role for someone who has a passion for helping adults with literacy skills.