Read Easy Cheltenham and Gloucester

Read Easy Cheltenham and Gloucester

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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We support adults on a one-to-one basis to gain or improve their reading skills. The impact of learning to read is life changing. Confidence increases, life and work opportunities increase and feelings of shame disappear. 


We use the tried and tested Shannon Trust 'Turning Pages' reading Programme (that was developed initially to help those in prison) to support any adults in our local community who, for whatever reason, are unable to read. 

We offer free free one-to-one reading coaching, twice a week, for as long as it takes to complete the five manuals, and to achieve our readers' goals.

By using local libraries, community centres and cafes for our lessons, we can keep our costs to the minimum and everyone safe.

We carry out fund raising, to be self-sufficient when purchasing the reading programme and other literacy materials.

 And raise awareness of what we offer within our local community, to encourage potential readers or reading coaches to join us.

 We have a small management team to ensure we deliver the best service we can, and are supported by the umbrella of Read Easy UK.

Everyone is a volunteer.

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