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We are an organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of birds of prey.  We work with skilled training providers, instructors, assessors, falconry centres, keepers and those who use birds of prey in the service of man.  Our work raises the quality standards of those who keep birds of prey, and of those who teach new and existing bird of prey keepers the knowledge and skills to ensure the highest welfare benefit for birds of prey in their care.

We provide accreditation for quality assured providers and certifications to individuals responsible for the keeping of birds of prey in captivity.

Why does this matter?  In the UK there is no system of licensing for bird of prey keepers.  Anyone with the money is entitled to buy any species without any test of their knowledge or ability to care properly for it.   There are approximately 25,000 bird of prey keepers in the UK caring for an estimated 100,000 raptors.  There is no inspection regime, quality assurance mechanism (other than ours) or formal approval scheme.  This leads to the deaths and compromised health of thousands of magnificent birds of prey each year.  We are working towards a universally recognised skill set and quality assurance programme for all keepers and those who use raptors in the service of man.

We commenced our activities in 2016 as a private limited company, but now seek to transfer to a not-for-profit organisation (CIC or Charity) within the current financial year

If you have a deep interest in birds of prey and their welfare we need your help.



To achieve our objectives we develop International and Occupational Standards for bird of prey welfare.  To develop these standards we work with acknowledged raptor specialists from the UK and other countries.  This includes leading academics and recognised raptor vets as required and major bodies such as The Hawk Board in the UK, and the IAF in Europe.  The Directors are recognised specialists in the development of occupational standards.

Once developed the standards form the basis for the development of inspection, accreditation and quality assurance mechanisms.  This enables us to:

  • develop courses of instruction that meet the standards
  • approve training providers, instructors and assessors to deliver courses in the UK and elsewhere
  • To devise CPD standards for professionals using birds of prey in the service of man
  • To inspect centres against a quality framework
  • Provide online learning resources and tests of knowledge that enable new and current bird of prey keepers to demonstrate their knowledge
  • To provide certification to individuals and organisations that can demonstrate that they meet the standards.
  • To provide a register of individuals who meet the standards as a reference point for anyone wishing to engage with a bird of prey professional

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