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Quiet Connections CIC

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Social enterprise
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We help people who are quiet, sensitive, shy or experiencing social anxiety to make meaningful connections and find greater fulfilment in life so they can flourish as their true selves. 

Because, as a quieter person, it can feel like we’re expected to raise our voices to match the louder, chattier people in the room to be able to form connections and let our voices be heard. All too often, perceptions of quiet seem to be equated with needing to build confidence and speak up to fit in. No wonder we sometimes doubt that we have what it takes to make the contribution we want to in the world! But it shouldn’t have to be this way.

We wholeheartedly champion personal growth to strengthen our confidence, wellbeing and authenticity. But, we also believe that there should be more inclusion, fairness and equal opportunities in society for quiet people like us.

That’s why we're committed to facilitating meaningful connections and contributions in ways that honour our quiet natures -and our regular Meet Ups and Coaching are two of the ways that we’re advocating for this change. 

And you're part of creating a wider ripple effect of curiosity, compassion and connection... 

Together, us quieteers are starting conversations around quietness, framing quiet in a positive light and promoting space and equal opportunities for quiet people to contribute in their own way. Because we all deserve to flourish as our true selves.


Quiet Connections provides coaching, courses and facilitated Meet Ups for people who are feeling anxious in social situations or may   be seeking more inclusive opportunities to connect with others.

We also work with families, educators and organisations to increase awareness and understanding of social anxiety, sensitivity and introversion; sharing insights and starting conversations to inspire the creation of nurturing spaces and relationships that show people   with quiet temperaments that they really do belong. We achieve this through delivering awareness events and campaigns, public speaking and training programmes.

Current opportunities

Join our team as our social media community manager to support wellbeing and connection for people who are quiet, sensitive, shy or socially...

Our website is the online hub for our community and team. We would like to improve our website by offering learning and connection opportunities...