Quick Response Memorial Woodland (QRMW)

Quick Response Memorial Woodland (QRMW)

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  • Emergency Services / Armed Forces
  • Environment
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Local / community
  • Older people / later life
  • Poverty relief

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National - Britain


The Quick Response Memorial Woodland (QRMW) is a small, Surrey-based charity run by a dedicated team of volunteers with the aim of assisting ex-servicemen who are in need of immediate assistance - they may be homeless, destitute; and unable to pay a bill that will keep him in his home, feed his family or assist with other essential expenses at a time when they are desperate.  Thereafter, QRMW helps them get in touch with larger charities such as SAFFA to obtain long-term help they require.

The Charity also provides a unique facility of having the Memorial Woodland as a place of reflection and remembrance for the families/friends of former service personnel.  Located at Holmbury St Mary near Dorking in Surrey, it was purchased by the Founder and Chair, Paul ‘the Hat’ Cooling, from his own funds but created by many ex-servicemen who volunteered their time to make the woodland a place of reflection that it is today.   It is their way of showing support for our troops, sharing the sense of loss, helping those suffering from the trauma to gain solace from the tranquillity of the place. 

As words about QRMW’s charitable work spread, requests for assistance and visits to the woodland have since increased.  For those who would like to volunteer, the QRMW now needs extra hands to help run its various activities.


The trustees raise funds for the charity through attendance at military shows, village fairs and military reunions with the QRMW stand selling charity merchandise, as well as, auction items of value that have been donated. QRMW also hold annual charity dinners/cabarets and has been recipient of monies raised from local pubs’ charity days.  Monies are also being raised from donations and various sponsored events such as walks, runs, cycle rides and the obstacle race, Tough Mudder. 

The Woodland itself provides a venue for annual fund-raising and other activities such as Easter Egg Hunt at the Woodland, Anniversary of opening in June and Remembrance Day in November.  It is also used by local community groups and organisations like the cubs, scouts and schoolchildren to get closer to nature.

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