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Quaker Social Action

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  • Campaigning
  • Counselling / advice
  • Criminal justice
  • Financial inclusion
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Social care

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National - Britain


We’re an anti-poverty charity, based in east London working both locally and nationally. We run a number of varied and nuanced projects designed to enable people experiencing poverty deal with significant issues.  With limited resources, and the scale of poverty people in the UK face, we work hard to make sure our projects are effective and focused. Where relevant and possible we also find ways of sharing what we do to reach more people in other parts of the country.  With nearly 150 years of history behind us we are aware of the need to maintain stability and credibility but we’re also proud of our creative approach and will set up new projects where we see unmet need. Our turnover is approximately £1 million with a staff team of 25 directly supporting 3,000 people a year. 

94% of our expenditure went directly into projects last year and for every £1 we spend on fundraising our team brought in another £9.


Our projects work across furniture, finances, funerals and fulfilment:

Homestore helps people living on low incomes in east London get access to affordable furniture and white goods through donations of unwanted but good quality furniture from other east Londoners.

Made of Money works directly with parents and families living on low incomes helping them gain confidence, skills and knowledge to manage their finances better.  Made of Money helps people recognise and deal with some of the hidden stresses which affect financial decisions.  These include their own attitudes and values, family relationships, as well as external pressures such as advertising.

Made of Money and Moneytalk Camden North both train professionals from other organisations to use our approach in their own areas.

Adds Up will use Made of Money's approach to develop financial capability support for families involved in the criminal justice system.

This Way Up provides six-week courses for east Londoners living on low incomes to help them take charge of their lives, feel good about themselves and plan for the future.

Down to Earth offers practical support to people living on low incomes to plan affordable and meaningful funerals.  Down to Earth supports people across the UK.

Our first campaign in our 150 year history Fair Funerals, is working to reduce funeral poverty.  The campaign is focused on three areas: 

  • Working with Westminster and Whitehall to change policy and practise around benefits and state support;
  • Working with the funeral industry to improve transparency and the consumer experience;
  • Using public education to raise awareness of the practical steps people can take to make funerals more affordable and meaningful.

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