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National - Britain


The PSP Association offers advice, support and information to people living with PSP and CBD, while at the same time supporting research into treatments and ultimately a cure for these conditions.
Our aim is that people affected by PSP and CBD do not feel they have to face the future alone. We offer support through our Helpline and Information Services, Support Groups, Specialist Care Advisers, a wide range of Resources and Publications and through the funding of Research.


The PSP Association provides a range of services for people with PSP, CBD and their families and carers.
Our aim is to create closer relationships with people living with PSP and CBD, and to deliver practical and emotional help and advice to support them. We do this through a number of ways:
• Specialist Care Advisers (SCAs) whose role is to act as advocates for people with PSP, advising them on the services and support that are available and helping to ensure they receive them as they are needed.Our SCAs are a key contact for health and social care professionals, and play a vital role in ensuring people with PSP and CBD are assigned a key worker.
• A confidential Helpline and Information Service which offers advice, information and practical and emotional support to people living with PSP and CBD, and their families and carers.
• A Patient Passport which is a detailed record of the care a person with PSP has received and when. This is held by the PSP Association and the patient or family.

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