Prout Bridge Project

Prout Bridge Project

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  • Children / families
  • Counselling / advice
  • Mental health
  • Young people

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  1. Offer an inclusive, affordable and varied programme of activities, so that people of all ages in Beaminster and the surrounding area feel they have access to fulfilling things to do, including arts, music, crafts, sport, dance, fitness, learning,  culture and heritage, with a particular focus on helping young people to thrive through the support of youth clubs and targeted youth work.

  2. Fight loneliness, social isolation and intergenerational divides by providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds and of all ages to come together socially, participate in their community, make friends and support each other.

  3. Support people to feel mentally well, achieve healthy lifestyles, be independent, and develop skills that will help them thrive.

  4. Develop a sustainable long- term project which supports the local community, responding to evolving needs and delivering activities, services and facilities that people want, by regularly consulting with the community and local organisations and service providers.

  5. Operate as an “umbrella” charity  nurturing and supporting other charitable and community organisations which share the same objectives. 


The Prout Bridge Project is a local cornerstone charity, nurturing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children, young people and adults

Multiple essential services are housed under one roof in a welcoming community centre, used by hundreds of people every week, including:

  • Safe and supportive youth clubs where our young people can thrive, in sports, music, art, outdoor and other activities. Physical activities on offer include football, hockey, basketball, rounders, badminton, tennis, table tennis, scooters, skateboarding, running and games. We also have a youth band - the Phoenix.
  • Experienced youth worker mental health support in schools and one-to-one sessions for young people who are struggling + outreach in the town, skatepark and surrounding villages
  • A free adult counselling service for anyone over 16 that people can turn to in crisis and time of need
  • community hub, bringing people together in local social, sports and craft groups + a baby and parent group, providing a safe warm space, and giving easy access to the Food BankCitizens Advice, Read Easy adult literacy and the Clothes Bank 4 Ukraine.

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