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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people

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Established in 2001, we exist to increase and improve the opportunities and experiences of at-risk young people in Islington.
Our work is both diverse and impactful. When we aren't running outreach sessions to engage with teenagers at-risk of gang violence, we're teaching 8 year olds how to make nutritious meals.

Working with young people from 8-21, we divide our work into Community based programme, Skills training and Holiday activities 


1. Community - Many of the children who use our centre have neither the life skills needed to thrive as adults, nor the adequate space within which to learn them.  

We first meet us through the work of the Street Teams, who sign post them to our Youth Centre - The Underground. Everyday, we provided support through a variety of activities.  With a range of materials, tools and equipment our young people take part in artistic pursuits, sports, [computer and board] games, gardening, computers and projects, as well as learning to plan and cook their own suppers. We  also help young people engage with their mental health through gender workshops and in depth one to one support for the young person and often their families

2. Skills Learning - Islington has the third highest level of child poverty in England – 36% - as measured by children  Child poverty is closely linked to unemployment - just over a quarter of Islington children live in households where no one is in employment. 

To break the cycle of unemployment and in turn poverty, we do three things. Firstly, we offer training opportunities to our older service users to become youth workers. We also run a very successful mechanics scheme, which is an accredited learning and training programme for the motor industry directed at young people who are not achieving in a traditional educational environment.

Secondly, we offer a range of CV enhancing opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Finally, by working closely with parents and teachers we tie this work with our more targeted community programme which aims to build soft skills and encourage healthy lifestyles.

3. During Holiday Time - For many of families is Islington,  holidays often mean increased financial insecurity and food poverty. We ensure that our services are open to all young people every day during the holidays. Again we offer a wide range of activities  that including, camping and sports. In the last 2 years, the number of participants has doubled. 

Last year we served 1100 holiday meals with 378 hours of volunteer hours during the summer 

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Our young people are at the heart of our Charity – Prospex. Founded in 2001 and based in Islington, we work with vulnerable young people aged 8-21...