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Prosper supports women in Sierra Leone to drive positive change. We help them to build a business, stimulating economic growth, building resilience, and improving earning power. Our support enables women to build a pathway to prosperity. 

At Prosper our pioneering training programme provides these women with life-changing skills to start, develop and sustain a business, regardless of their education levels and in the toughest of circumstances. We provide women in Sierra Leone with the skills and confidence to create a business and develop an income so that they can support themselves, their families and their communities. 


At Prosper, we have three major activities that enable us to support women to create a business and develop an income: 

  1. Training - Prosper's programme is highly interactive, using a unique image-based system to teach business skills and encourage critical thinking
  2. Savings Banks- Prosper helps establish savings banks, enabling participants to manage finances, save and invest funds to generate more income
  3. Access to Services- Prosper links participants with local service providers to supply them with materials and vital services such as financing and transport

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