Promoting Economic Pluralism

Promoting Economic Pluralism

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  • At PEP we think that the world desperately needs critical, innovative thinking to develop a sustainable, resilient and inclusive economic system. We also think that a pluralist approach to teaching (and practicing) economics fosters such thinking which the current orthodox teaching stifles. PEP’s goal is therefore to harness the drive for economic reform amongst students and outside academia to strengthen the push for economic curriculum reform. To that end we want to launch an accreditation system in 2020 for masters courses taking a pluralist approach to economics, accrediting courses both in the UK and across all continents by the end of 2020.
  • We are also the publishers of The Mint Magazine, which comes out quarterly and is filled with articles, columns and interviews from and with people suggesting promising alternatives to the neoclassical mainstream. 


  • We organise and attend events, publish articles and provide info on social media to raise awareness of our cause. 
  • We are in the course of recruiting supporters for the accreditation system
  • We are soon to launch an online dialogue with these people and others who have an interest in the accreditation scheme to co-create it, i.e. establish criteria a course would have to meet to be accredited as pluralist

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