Project High 5 CIC

Project High 5 CIC

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  • Counselling / advice
  • Health and well being / research and care

Other details

Organisation type: 
Not for profit
Geographical remit: 
National - Britain


Beneficiaries - Who is being supported?

  • People come from a range of NHS job roles from administrative to senior medical staff.
  • 81% have a White British Background, representing 19% from diverse backgrounds who are being supported.

Why are people using the service?

  • Recommendations – because of positive experiences of others for example
  • Because waiting lists for NHS or other services are very long, and P5 provides a short and fast service.
  • Because the service is easy to access and is free.
  • Because the service is independent and confidential.

What are people getting from the service?

  • People are getting lots of things from our service:
    • Support with getting on at work
    • Support with relationships outside of work
    • Strategies to help manage anxiety
    • Feeling Validated
    • Tools to help them get through difficult times
    • The opportunity to be listened to


Project5 is run completely by volunteers comprising:

  1. The ‘board’ (CEO, organisational director, wellbeing and standards director, technical director, marketing director (non-exec), Safeguarding lead (non-exec) - strategic planning, dealing with the challenges that come from our work with NHS trusts, constantly looking for funding opportunities
  2. Core Operations Volunteers (research assistants, administrative assistants, 3 currently) - Volunteer coordination and comms to support the day to day activities of running a CIC
  3. Wellbeing practitioner volunteers, coaches and wellbeing or mental health registered professionals (approx. 200) - Service providers to support NHS staff
  4. Wellbeing practitioner supervisors (approx. 50) - Offering clinical supervision to all our volunteer practitioners on any issue they may have to deal with as part of their role/
  5. The Standards Advisory Group.  A volunteer monitoring and standards committee involving senior clinicians, NHS leadership lead and other sector advisors (approx. 6-8 across the period). 

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