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Premier Foundation is a national not for profit charity which works within the community to engage with Young People who are disengaged, disadvantaged or classed as “hard to reach” by providing them with opportunities which they may not have previously had exposure to.

The Premier Foundation uses the power of physical activity and performing arts as a vehicle not only to make a real difference to the health and well being of the nation but to actively change lives of young people, building skills and personal development uplifting them to aspire to more. Using sport, physical activity and performing arts in combination with this can change the pre determined path that may have been set out for a young person.


We help young people access:

Employability and skill-development courses: These courses are run specifically in deprived communities with young people that are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). Using sport and physical activity, they're successful tools in changing behaviour in young people like Jordan, providing structure and a positive environment geared toward adding skills to participants' CVs.

Sport and mental health courses: Premier Foundation's mental health courses act as valuable outlets to young people struggling with their mental health, using sport and physical activity as an alternative form of therapy. Working with mental health professionals, the programme uses sport and physical activity to connect with young people and provide a comfortable, non-stigmatised environment to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings. For many disadvantaged young people, these courses are all they have to look forward to.

Courses battling inactivity: Premier Foundation runs these particular courses in areas of deprivation, targeting children and young people that don't ordinarily have the opportunity to participate due to their poor financial situations. They're often disassociated with sport and physical activity, so Premier Foundation work to inspire and reconnect with them through the use of innovative activities. Through weekly engagement sessions, we not only enhance their health and wellbeing, but their skills and personal development as well.

Health and wellbeing courses: Our health and wellbeing courses provide opportunities for children and young people to gain an awareness of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle and how to make healthy choices. Instilling the importance of eating well, sleeping well and moving well is especially vital at a young age, and can help set young people up on the path to a healthier future.

Current opportunities

Norfolk, NR17 1EJ

To be a part of the Premier Foundation’s Transformation Team to assist the CEO in raising income for a young dynamic charity, and to work towards...

Norfolk, NR17 1EJ

To plan, coordinate and execute the running of high-end events, including a charity ball for its associated celebrities and high net-worth...

We urgently need a Project Manager to organise and manage current and new projects. 



Premier Foundation uses the power of physical activity as a vehicle to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of young people, to...

Norfolk, NR17 1EJ

We are a national charity that brings powerful and practical change to people in deprived or low social-economic areas. We need an experienced...