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Praxis is an award-winning charity providing support to people marginalised by their immigration status. Our core purpose is to help people in crisis overcome the barriers they face so they can live in safety and dignity. We strive for a world where no-one is defined by their immigration status, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our approach offers holistic support to help people access the legal, practical, financial and emotional assistance they need to move away from a point of crisis and isolation towards independence and greater wellbeing. We work with those who have been pushed to the margins, including survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence, young unaccompanied people seeking asylum, single parents and people forced into destitution and homelessness.


  1. We support some 2,000 people each year through specialist immigration advice, guidance and casework; peer support groups co-led with members; and advice on accessing accommodation, benefits and hardship grants (totaling £754,032 in 2022). We also carry out training and capacity building for local authorities and other agencies to improve their support to people who have migrated.

Since 2018 we have stepped up our advocacy for systemic change, using data and insights from our services to influence local and national policy and practice to address the root causes of marginalisation. We were instrumental in exposing the Windrush Scandal, providing critical evidence and supporting those affected to speak out. In 2021, we launched a campaign to end NRPF, co-produced with a group of campaigners with lived experience; the NRPF Action Group (AG), and working with a loose network of allies including The Children’s Society and Refugee, Asylum and Migration Project (RAMP). In March 2022, we won our campaign to permanently extend free school meals’ eligibility regardless of immigration status. We successfully lobbied a cross-party group of peers to table an amendment to the Nationality and Borders Bill to prevent NRPF from being applied to refugees which helped expand our parliamentary network. We have also built multi-stakeholder coalitions to influence change, such as our work with the GLA to influence the government’s approach to migrant rough sleepers.

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