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Potential Difference is a theatre company that aims to:

  • Create new theatre that bridges divides between science and the arts. We tell stories that spark from ideas that have a big impact on our lives and are full of theatrical potential. We seek to reframe these ideas in accessible and exciting ways, enlightening audiences about concepts not yet in mainstream discourse.
  • Seek out extraordinary theatre-makers and bring them together with technologists and academics to inspire and inform each other’s practice.
  • Bring our performances to a wide range of audiences around the UK and present them in ways that start conversations and provoke debate.


We make work for the public at large. We strive to make each project thought-provoking and accessible whatever an audience’s previous exposure to the ideas it is exploring. We build partnerships to help spread the word in different communities we think may particularly benefit from each project. 

Our work brings together artists and academics to share practice. For artists, this is an opportunity to be inspired by cutting edge thinking and develop ways of telling stories they wouldn’t have arrived otherwise. For academics, it is a chance to find new ways of communicating concepts they work in day to day.

Alongside each project, we run workshops and talks in youth centres, schools and Universities giving students and young people deeper engagement with the ideas of that project. We are just embarking on creating our first theatre project specifically for young people.


Our mission is to use the power of theatre and storytelling to inspire, excite and educate people about science and technology. Each project sets out to tackle a particular idea. We collaborate closely with specialists, feeding their input into the creative process and finding ways for the story we tell, and the form in which we tell it to respond to that idea. Through this process we develop thrilling, accessible performances that contextualise these ideas and provoke thought and discussion. Around each production, we curate talks, events, articles and workshops exploring the concepts of the production in more detail.

We also work in creative technology. We have significant in-house experience in designing and developing software and strive to use this to create new sorts of narrative experiences to engage and inspire audiences.

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