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Possability People

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  • Mental health
  • Older people / later life
  • Physical disabilities

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We are a pan-impairment disability charity, predominantly working in Brighton and Hove. We work with older people, younger people, people with long-term health conditions, those with physical or sensory impairments, as well as supporting people with mental health needs. Our vision is for a society where anything is possible regardless of ability.

Our services include;

  • our Advice Centre provides advice and support on navigating the benefit system, Blue Badge applications, grants and adaptations, as well as the nicer things such as accessible travel and holiday destinations
  • our Hospital Discharge Service support for those leaving hospital, whether that's practical support to ensure their home is suitable for their needs, to more holistic support around linking back in with the local community and managing activities
  • our Payroll and Supported Bank Account services give support to people who are employing a Personal Assistant or accessing other support. We help people to manage the employer side of the relationship, in terms of timesheets, holiday pay, insurance, and all the other areas of employment
  • our At Home service is our in-house care agency, providing bespoke care tailored to the individuals needs and preferences. 
  • the PA Noticeboard is a specialist recruitment site allowing employers to advertise for PAs on their own terms, and for PAs to find meaningful work directly with an employer
  • Shopmobility provides low cost wheelchair and mobility scooter hire to both local people and visitors to the city
  • our Get Involved Group (GIG) is a social and empowerment group for disabled people locally. With anything from a pub quiz to probing local councillors with questions, there's lots of opportunity for positive action and some socialising, too
  • our Mental Health Lived Experience Advisory Group operates in both Brighton & Hove and East Sussex, allowing service users to take an active role in local strategy for mental health support
  • our Community Employment Service supports people both to find and to sustain work, with support tailored to the individual
  • Its Local Actually is a listing site detailing low-cost or free activities in your local area

Over 20% of UK adults are disabled, with this intersecting through every area of life. Our charity allows people to come to just one place to access multiple levels of support. Someone might come to us for support upon being discharged from hospital, and then end up taking benefits advice, hiring a mobility scooter, coming along to a GIG meeting, and accessing local lunch clubs through It's Local Actually.

Although you don't have to be disabled to work or volunteer for us, the majority of our staff and volunteers are disabled themselves, many of whom are also service users. As a user-led organisation we have direct experience of disability and work together to improve access for disabled people. 


We are dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of disabled people, aiming to promote inclusivity, accessibility, and support for people across all impairment types. We work to the social model of disability, believing that barriers exist in society, and that if these barriers can be removed then disabled people can reach their full potential and enjoy equity.

We support disabled people directly, via the services described above, but we also work with local organisations and government bodies to increase disability awareness and confidence. We provide access audits for buildings and public areas and work closely with the local council to ensure that disabled people are taken into account during decision making. We offer disability confident training to local businesses, and further afield, and have previously been asked to speak nationally on best practice. 

Disabled people are involved throughout our organisation, from our Trustees and Senior Leadership Team, continuing into our wider staff and volunteer teams. 

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We are well established charity operating in Brighton & Hove and across Sussex. We are a user led organisation, whose membership, staff,...