Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust

Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust

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As custodians of historic buildings, boats and spaces in and around Portsmouth Harbour, we breathe new life into this Naval heritage, creating energy and vibrancy, ensuring that it is sustainable and accessible for all.  We play a vital and creative role in the conservation, regeneration and interpretation of our two sites, the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Priddy’s Hard in Gosport, working to preserve the historic fabric of the sites as well as enhancing understanding of the people who built, lived, and worked in the area. We work in partnership with tenants and key stakeholders on both sites to bring these places to life.  As well as buildings, we restore and operate a flotilla of historically significant vessels, so that members of the public can see and experience them afloat, and being cared for in our workshop on site.  The Trust works to promote the value and benefits of heritage spaces and skills on a local and national level, so that these may be preserved for the education and enjoyment of future generations.



We undertake conservation, restoration and regeneration of buildings, spaces and vessels of key naval and maritime historical significance within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and at Priddy's Hard in Gosport, so that these may be preserved and enjoyed now and in the future by the visiting public and our tenants.  We work in partnership with local stakeholders to contribute to the economic success of the area and promote it's cultural and heritage standing.  We are working at a local and national level to promote and preserve the heritage skills associated with our sites and their history.

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