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For the last 55 years we have worked with young people from varied backgrounds, young people with disabilities, from broken homes and act as a community hub for our local people, collaborating with over 12 local organisations.  Over 50% of our young people have issues such as ADHD, Asperger's, and autism, learning difficulty, severe allergies and behavioural issues; have suffered bullying and underachievement in school.  Some would say a very difficult clientele yet these very same young people that have official labels from institutions thrive as Sea cadets; this is because once you are in your uniform there is no label, or competition, you are a cadet. 

However, through time, we have developed our offer and are trying to introduce residential based accommodation for training activities.  We have created a camping area for the cadets.This will be an investment into supporting youth training and adult volunteers being able to complete training at a more local level. It will provide 1000’s of hours of training even in one year. This project will not only benefit Port Talbot Sea Cadets but many, many Sea Cadet units far and wide.  In addition, to being available for our community based groups to use. 

Our main aim is to work with young people aged 9-17, and give them life skills, job prospects and instil in them discipline and self-respect but at the same time equip them with First Aid skills, strategy, engineering, a BTEC level 1 in public services and communications, and accredited boating qualifications; whilst simultaneously enabling them to experience different job opportunities and job prospects such as marine engineering, and seamanship to mention but a few. 


Due to our location, we are seen as a beacon of hope and possibilities; in fact, we offer young people opportunities that they would never be able to afford or even dream of experiencing. Furthermore, we enable young people to become independent by taking them away on training weekends and teaching them skills like stewarding, catering, engineering, meteorology navigation to mention but a few. 


Moreover, all these skills and experiences are what will enable them to be team players, sociable, inclusive and feel a sense of belonging in a constantly changing environment. Finally, we are a place where young people have positive role models, where hope is built, ambition and aspiration; through our work, we find that young people feel less lonely and have a better approach to physical and mental wellbeing.


As a charity we have a strong management committee of 5, with a chair, vice chair and treasurer and 18 dedicated volunteers.





Power boating

Marine Engineering

Catering & Stewerding 



Current opportunities

South West Wales, SA13 1RH

You can choose to be a uniformed leader, or wear your own clothes, you will be hands-on, with cadets. You'll run lessons, activities etc that help...

South West Wales, SA13 1RH

The task include but not restricted to:Support the UMT chair and trustees to manage a safe, effective, and successful sea cadet unit. Ensuring all...