Population Matters

Population Matters

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Our vision is of a global population size enabling decent living standards and environmental sustainability. Among our goals are universal access to family planning services, an end to discrimination against women and a global convergence in living standards.

Our activities comprise education, research, lobbying and campaigning. All of our activities are guided by our values.


Our activities are based on our charitable aims of advancing:
•    the education of the public in issues relating to human population worldwide and its impact on environmental sustainability; 
•    research to determine optimum and ecologically sustainable human population levels and to publicise the results of such research; and 
•    environmental protection by promoting policies that will lead or contribute to the achievement of stable human population levels allowing environmental sustainability.


  1. We campaign for the stabilisation and gradual decrease of the population to sustainable levels by voluntary means.
  2. We lobby government and international bodies to increase support for reproductive health and other relevant policies.
  3. We engage with the broader developmental and sustainability movement to encourage its members to include population in their thinking.
  4. We research matters of population in relation to the environment, sustainability and other issues.
  5. We disseminate this research to the public and interested parties via our website, through the media and at events.
  6. We ask individuals to consider the impact of population size on sustainability and the environment in their decisions on family size.

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