Play Association Hammersmith and Fulham

Play Association Hammersmith and Fulham

At a glance


  • Children / families
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Physical disabilities
  • Young people

Other details

Geographical remit: 


To provide or assist in the provision off facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for school-aged children and young people in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and surrounding boroughs, being:

a) Facilities of which they have need by reason of their youth, special social and economic circumstances, and

b) Facilities, which will improve the quality of life for such children by promoting their physical, mental and spiritual well-being,

Play Association Hammersmith & Fulham beneficiaries:

  • Children and young people
  • Children and young people with a disability
  • Children and young people with a learning disability¬†
  • Children and young people with complex needs
  • Families of the children and young people we support


To achieve these objects the charity provides support to Hammersmith and Fulham's voluntary sector children's play, youth and childcare services, assisting in the provision of training, helping groups to consult, plan, design services, fundraise and recruit staff, Special attention is given to services aimed at vulnerable and at risk children, children with disabilities and children from new communities.

Over 60 play and childcare projects in the Borough are currently members of the Association. individual membership is open to all who share the Play Association's core values and objectives.

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