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The Platanos Trust is a family of schools with common goals. Our intention is to raise standards and to prepare pupils for the particular challenges of the 21st Century. Society is changing rapidly and it is essential that our educational institutions are able not only to keep apace but are in a position to lead.

We stand for high standards of behaviour and achievement, personal responsibility and leadership, self-discipline and mutual respect. The Trust has created opportunities for thousands of children to experience excellent teaching, to achieve high standards within a stimulating and informative curriculum that stretches them academically, and develops their skills and intellectual curiosity for life.

Rooted at the heart of the community, the Platanos Trust is transforming the aspirations and lives of families through the education of their children. We know that this work is vital, not only to the individuals and families involved, but also to enabling the UK to remain an economic force in a rapidly changing and increasingly global marketplace.

Attitude Determines Altitude


The Platanos Trusts schools have a shared vision, we work closely together with sharing expertise and good practices to support and create opportunities for children and teachers.  

The Platanos Trust’s successes have been brought about and are characterised by planned strategic management, a strong and flexible curriculum based on knowledge and skills, rigorous self-evaluation and monitoring, high-quality staff training, management development, staff empowerment through coaching and professional improvement, together with the active assumption of a leadership role by pupils. Transformation has been achieved without altering or replacing the socio-economic profile of the families who make up the school communities.

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