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We are a dynamic, user-led, and volunteer-led organisation providing community-based services. Operating in the Borough of Sutton, we specialise in providing a comprehensive range of programmes across training, health and wellbeing, and arts initiatives. Our focus is on empowering disadvantaged older people who face social exclusion and various barriers to inclusion.

We support 300 disadvantaged older people each year. The majority of our users are aged 70+ from Caribbean, African, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese and Eastern European communities.  Our impact goes beyond mere numbers; it reaches into the fabric of lives marked by complexity. Many of our users grapple with a spectrum of challenges, including but not limited to poverty, mental health difficulties, chronic health conditions, and profound isolation. 

Our mission is to reduce poverty, dismantle barriers to inclusion, and amplify civic participation within the Borough of Sutton. Through our initiatives, we aim to create a positive impact by enabling disadvantaged people to overcome isolation and loneliness, leading to more productive, healthier, and stimulating lives.


Our range of programmes include:

1. Weekly Lunch Club: hot lunch, guest speakers, games, arts and crafts, befriending, in a caring and inclusive environment, encouraging social interactions and connections that go beyond the dining table.

2. Health and Well Being: From invigorating sports sessions to hands-on arts workshops in garment construction and dance, we provide an enriching tapestry of experiences. Our outings add an extra layer of joy, promoting holistic well-being and a vibrant lifestyle.

3. Celebrate Diversity - Talks, Socials, and Festivals: cultural richness with talks and socials dedicated to events like Black History Month. Older people taking centre stage in local festivals, showcasing their talents in performances and dance.

4. Telephone Support Line - listening ear and a compassionate voice through our dedicated Telephone Support Line. Our trained volunteers provide a safe space for older people to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns.

5. Accredited Training Programs: users take step towards personal and professional development with our accredited training programmes, gaining valuable skills and knowledge that empower people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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