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Pinkston Watersports or Glasgow Watersports Ltd is a registered charity established in 2014 as a Commonwealth Games legacy project based in the heart of Glasgow at Port Dundas.  Pinkston is a community facility supporting schools, clubs, community groups, education, mental health and wellbeing and sport from grass roots to performance and everything in between.  We deliver local youth clubs for local young people from £1 a week - and support around 100 people daily to access paddlesports and land based activity in the off season and around 200 in the summer daily! We are home to Scotland's only artificial white water course creating moving and challenging water for all kinds of paddlesport disciples - importantly we are home to rescue training, recue from vehicle training and swift water training to over 50 different emergency services from all across the UK.  We also have a clean and filtered flat water canal basin to deliver kayaking, paddleboarding and other paddlesports to all.  Our core values are around empowerment of individuals and communities through the process of participating in sport.   


Pinkston's core objectives are to deliver paddlesports to all.  We aim to deliver community priced services to all schools, community groups, uniformed groups across Glasgow and beyond and those who meet our local criteria.  We work with local and often hard to reach young people from areas with high SIMD index ratings.   Pinkston is 'home' to many organisations who rent space from schools and colleges, to social services, the scouts and various emergency services.  We support wider rescue services training on the artificial white water course and we also offer a weekend delivery programme for the general public who wish to access paddlesports and fun sessions.  

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