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National - Britain


Pilotlight is a charity that amplifies the impact charities, business and individuals can bring to make a better world. Since 1996, we’ve helped over 1,000 charities who tackle social disadvantage to ignite change that lasts.

We increase the impact of individuals by bringing them new experiences, perspectives and learning.  We increase the impact of organisations by exposing their talent to new situations and challenges. We increase the impact of charities by giving them the expertise and resources they need.

As a result, we amplify the good work that’s done in the world.


We do it by bringing charities together with business and business experts who can tackle the pressing issues charities are facing. We do it by managing the relationship between business and charities to maximise the impact they bring. We do it by helping individuals apply their expertise to those who need it, and to grow their own skills as part of a team of advisors.

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